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    Whiz Kids Fundraiser

Makes great Christmas gifts and decorations. 
Makes a special gift to hospitals and nursing homes.

Poinsettias come in two sizes, a 6.5 inch pot or 8 inch pot.
The 6.5-inch pot contains one plant with five or more blooms. 
The 8-inch pot contains three plants with twelve or more blooms.

Winter Rose
Ice Crystal
Red Glitter
The poinsettias will be delivered in a plastic sleeve that protects the poinsettia from damage and makes them easy to carry.

6.5 inch pot:  $12.00
8 inch pot:     $24.00

Will deliver 10+ orders to banks, churches, businesses, etc..

The money raised will be used at Whiz Kids for technology equipment and security equipment for the students. 

Last year with the money raised we purchased a security system for the school as well as iPads for the student’s use.

Taking orders from November 11th til December 2nd.

You can print an order form, fill it out, and request a pickup for the order and payment by calling or texting (615)478-0984. If you would like to designate a child for your order to be contributed to, write the child's name on the form.

Check or cash is accepted. Please make checks out to Whiz Kids Preschool.

Order Form: Order_Form.pdf
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Poinsettia Pictures:Poinsettias.pdf
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