Whiz Kids Preschool
Where Preschool Rules

An Academically Based Preschool.
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Notice:  2017 Fall Classes are full.  
Next enrollment will be January 2018 for Summer and Fall 2018 Classes.

Preschool years are critical in your child’s physical, intellectual, and emotional growth.
Hugs first and learning second.

Whiz Kids Preschool
Celebrating 21 years Of Education!

Welcome to Whiz Kids Preschool. Whiz Kids is an Educational facility for ages 2 - 6 year old. Education at Whiz Kids encompasses Virtues of;
Discipline, Grace & Courtesy, Patriotism, Courage, Integrity, Self-Esteem,
Independence, Love of Learning and Humility.

The  goals  at Whiz Kids are to encourage and nurture the children in the self-discovery of their world. The curriculum has been developed to encourage the children to have a lifelong love of learning.  Whiz Kids provide an environment in which each child has the opportunity to progress at his/her own level of development.

All aspects of the Whiz Kids curriculum focus on the development of the whole child. Whiz Kids program integrates art, music, physical education, and building in a safe, warm and loving environment that help children grow intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.

Whiz Kids Preschool  is a one room schoolhouse  which  is a warm, beautiful, Christian  environment that invites children to explore. Whiz Kids hold true the knowledge that early childhood education lays the groundwork for a child’s self confidence and later learning.
Learning is an adventure and at Whiz Kids the child is encouraged  to discover his/her excitement for learning.


Learning is fun!

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